Tuesday, March 27, 2012

No Obstacle Too Great

A Thought On Depression

 It seems like today the word depressed is thrown around a lot. Sure lots of people are depressed, get depressed and everyone goes through a period of depression inevitably at one time in their life. The dividing difference is to be sad is to be upset about something you will eventually get passed. To be depressed is to look at it all, good and bad and still find hopelessness. In example a teenager who is "depressed" because they don't have the clothes that are in fashion is just someone who is sad, upset at the cards they've been dealt in life. Someone who is truly depressed is someone who has the clothes but cant find a reason to where them. Remember the essence of life is struggle. 

If everyone who faced hardship in life tucked their head between their knees and gave up on life there wouldn't be the great accomplishments that so many of us succeed in everyday. Keep your head up and remember pretty much any problem you face at least one person has faced before and take solace in the fact that they overcame it and you can too. Stick in there and keep your head held high.

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